Myths About Vibrators

Because sexuality remains taboo in our culture, there are many misconceptions and mysteries surrounding sex toys. Let us debunk the most common vibrator myths for you.

If I use a vibrator, I’ll stretch out. False, my friends. The vagina is like an envelope; it stays closed, with the sides touching, until you insert something inside of it. When you remove the something (a penis, dildo, baby, shampoo bottle), the walls naturally close back into place. While your vagina may stretch if you make a habit of carrying a bowling ball around inside of it 24/7, it won’t stretch from regular vibrator use, even if you’re using a larger model. No one will be able to tell you’ve been using a vibrator from looking at, or even examining, your vagina.

I’ll become addicted to my vibrator. Oh. Well, yes, this is true. But it’s a good addiction. It won’t make you fat and you don’t have to score your next vibrator on a street corner in the ghetto. You can stay in your own home, order your next vibe from, and have it discreetly delivered to your door.

Jokes aside, you have nothing to worry about in terms of addiction. Masturbation is healthy, and many women can’t orgasm without the aid of a vibrator. Vibrators can teach you what kinds of stimulation you enjoy. Once you start experimenting with and enjoying your sexuality, it follows that you will be happier, healthier and less stressed in other areas of your life. An orgasm is a great stress reliever, and you can gain power and confidence from knowing exactly what you need to do to have one.

I won’t want or need to have real sex anymore. Many people think that once they learn to orgasm with a machine, they will no longer be able to enjoy sex. Just remember that there are many different types of sex (oral, vaginal, anal), which people have enjoyed since the dawn of humanity. Different types of stimulation yield different types of pleasure. Your vibrator may even make you appreciate sex more, as you learn more about your body and its responses as you explore.

I’ll become desensitized. It’s a common myth that the powerful stimulation of a vibrator will desensitize your genitals, making them unresponsive to touch further down the line. Don’t worry, you won’t need more and more powerful stimulation to reach orgasm. If you spend all day in bed with a very powerful vibrator, it’s possible that you might feel numb or sore, just like after sex. But the feeling will return.

I can’t have an orgasm without a vibrator. Is something wrong with me? No, not at all. Most women need the intense clitoral stimulation that a vibrator provides to orgasm. Many times this clitoral stimulation is missing from sex. If you want to get your partner used to the idea of a vibrator in the bedroom, take a look at our How Can I Introduce Sex Toys Into the Bedroom? page.